[Update] FastFeed is ready for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and iOS 8

New version is available for FastFeed for Tumblr, Instagram and 500px. The following details are all common to 3 apps.

  • More support for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus. All images and sizes are fixed.
  • Bug fix in ‘share sheet error’ in iOS 8 on iPad.
  • Bug fix for cache management. Now, correctly clear downloaded url cache. This will reduce disk usage significantly.
  • Add ‘FastFeed Privacy Policy’. It is located at Settings->About and our website.
  • From this version, user must re-login when delete and re-install app.

[Update] Support for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and iOS 8

At a long wait, new version 1.5.2 is available at App Store.

This version includes following update:

  • Support for the large screen of iPhone 6 / 6 Plus.
  • Support for iOS 8 changes.
  • Fix ‘Log out’ bug in iPad on iOS 8.

But not all the bugs in iOS 8 has not been resolved. Especially on iPad, many share dialog still does not work correctly. We realize too lately that there is a problem in our patch for iOS 8. Nowaday, so slow App Store review process. We can not help but holding on fix next time. We will prepare next patch immediately. This will include more support for iOS 8 and fix for cache management.

PS. The other two apps for Instagram/500px are still waiting for review. The patched detail is same all.


belaginess said: Hi! In re: other bugs, I'm not sure whether this is separate or tied in to the log-out issue, but the app seems to store up a lot of data suddenly. Usually I'd get about 4 days of browsing before I hit 7-800 MB, but ever since iOS8 I can even uninstall to clear the cache (the app reinstalls already logged in, but the size of it does read at minimum in the system settings), it will still reach over a GB of storage in like 4 or 5 hrs.

Hi. Thanks to your feedback, we can find a bug in our app that does not correctly clear downloaded url caches. BTW, because it located in cached folder, if uninstall the app, all the cached files should be deleted.

One more issue. There is a unannounced change in previous version(1.5.1). For iPad retina device, we increase the resolution of grid mode images to prevent blurred effect. It will make your iPad retina(or air) look a lot better but also take up storage more. It can grow up to ~50% increase in file size if files are mostly gif.

For the bug we newly found, we will release new patch(1.5.3) immediately after currently submitted version(1.5.2). This patch will reduce your disk usage about 40% at least or more.

PS. The restored login when app reinstalled is because we store login token at iOS keychain. If user log out, we delete token in keychain. but if user just deletes app, we don’t know it and can not delete the token. We could compare the token when app is newly installed but that does not change the fact that token remains at keychain. Keychain is a secure place in iOS and only our app that user installed can retrieve it. So, for the convenience we do not invalidate previous token when newly installed. Of cource, this can be changed in future if many users are afraid of it. Anyway, to prevent other person from viewing your tumblr, please log out, not just to delete app. (Edited. From the version 1.5.3, this behavior has changed. User must re-login when re-installed app.)


Known bugs in iOS 8

We’ve already submitted the new version for iOS 8 and iPhone 6/ 6 Plus to App Store. But we can not ensure when it will be available (maybe 5~10 days).

Here are the known bugs in iOS 8. All is common in 3 FastFeed Apps.

  • (Edited. Only on iPad) ‘Log out’ crash. When select ‘Log out’ in setting, app just crashes and do not log out. 
  • (Edited. Only on iPad) Some share dialog or presentation dialog do not show. 
  • Keyboard view do not layout correctly. Tag capitalization in Tumblr app do not change on the spot(it changes after re-enter tag input view).

If you have found another problems, please let us know.


[Update] Login bug fixed

Fortunately, we have passed through the ‘expedited app review’. (It’s a exceptional review process that is provided for urgent bug fix or time-sensitive event). New patched version (1.5.1)  is now available on App Store.

PS: We are also preparing support for iPhone6/6 Plus. But this is a normal review process. So it will take 7~10 days at a minimum because of a huge backlog.


[Notice] Urgent bug found for ‘Login Error’

Recently, Tumblr has changed authentication interface slightly. It was a so subtle change that we could not perceive it easily. Now, FastFeed for Tumblr could not succeed in new login. No problem For logined user, but new login is not possible. So do not log-out until new patch release. We’ll do our best to hurry up patched release, but it will take a week at least. Sorry for the inconvenience.


[Update] ‘Faster’ FastFeed for Tumblr

Version 1.5.0 is out.

This is a significant stability and performance update.

  • Post view internal upgraded. It runs in a more stable and faster mechanism.
  • GIF animation improved. Memory usage/Performance highly optimized considering both GPU and CPU. Any size of GIF supported.
  • Full-screen mode enhanced. Seamless scroll of all the photos in feed. From this version, single tap to zoom(full-screen mode) is enabled at default.


  • Display ‘added text’ at notes list when reblogged.
  • Add ‘Open in Tumblr’(Official app) in sharing menu of post and blog.
  • Video/audio are changed to play in app. It does not open external app or safari for any type(in or out). The in-type media will play directly and out-type media open in web view. (in and out types are distinguishable by play button icon).
  • Properly display embed video such as youtube in post view.

PS. This major update is applied only to FastFeed for Tumblr. For other apps, there are minor update (Instagram already released and 500px is in review). But full screen browsing has already been supported for other app from before.


Finally resolved crashes

Recently we noticed there are increasing cases of app crash in FastFeed for Tumblr. After some time of inspection, we found that it was due to large gif animation or multi-thread instability of webview.

To resolve this, we spent a dedicated development time. we restructured the internal of view engine. Finally we made it. We are lucky to improve both stability and performance at the same time.

We already submitted update version to App Store several days ago. In a few days, update will be available in public.


hocotate said: I can't log into either of my tumblr accounts. I have un- and reinstalled the app and changed my passwords for my accounts but I'm still unable to log into the app.

So sorry for late reply. I just omit your message.

As far as i know, the most case when login failed comes from safari cookie setting. Check your iPhone Settings -> Safari -> Block Cookies. It’s value must be ‘From third parties and advertisers’ (Recommended, default) or ‘Never’.


[Update] Minor update for FastFeed

New version 1.4.2 of FastFeed for Tumblr has released. This is a minor update for various bug fixes and internal improvements. Changes include followings:

  • More safe handling of gif animation
  • Tag input improvements. Add capitalization mode. Import tags into recent list from user blog or dashboard.

FastFeed for Instagram is also updated to version 1.1.1.